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DQFanSurvey is the feedback website for Dairy Queen(DQ). Dairy Queen is one of the most popular names when it comes to frozen desserts,ice-creams or fast food. Maybe even you have tasted a few delicacies from Dairy Queen. Like every other food giant,they have their own survey website. Their website is called DQFanSurvey. The main motive of DQFanSurvey is to attract more customers and gaining popularity among masses. In return for the survey, DQ offers Free Dilly Bars to its customers on their next visit.

Dairy Queen restaurants prevails under the banner of International Inc. company. Restaurants and stores that come inside International Inc. are Orange Julius and Karmel Korn. Dairy Queen has a huge chain of fast food restaurants and Soft Service Ice cream, which was first invented, as the history tells, by DQ founder J. F. McCullough, his son Alex and his friend Sherb Noble. The first restaurant of DQ was situated at Joliet Illinois. On June 22, 1940, the company was founded. The headquarters of DQ are located in Edina, Minnesota, United States. The estimated number of locations where DQ has opened their restaurant were around 6,400, according to the survey done in 2014 in US Domestic.

Dairy Queen is famous for its burgers,sandwiches,salads,milkshakes,smoothies and ice cream. Known for its good quality,consistent customer flow and various customer services. It earns a revenue of about 3.64 billion US dollars. The parent company of Dairy Queen is Berkshire Hathaway,while the subsidiary companies include Orange Julius and Karmelkorn.

Branches of DQFanSurvey Offline Store

Since 1940, the chain has utilized an established framework to extend its stores all around. In the US, the state in which the most Dairy Queen store are based, is in Texas. According to the 2010 evaluation, the state with the most Dairy Queen Restaurants per individual is Minnesota. Toward the end of the monetary year 2014, Dairy Queen detailed more than 6,400 stores in USA, UK, Canada and 18 other nations. Dairy Queen was an early pioneer of sustenance diversifying, growing its 10 stores in 1941. In Canada, by the end of 20th century, the first DQ store got opened and by the early 2000, the extension in Canada was prominent. The company has extended its reach upto UK where it is found a similar growth in expansion of their stores.

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